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Job title
Joined Katsukichi
May, 2017
Hobbies & special skills
Drinking, calligraphy

Motive for joining Katsukichi

Discerning cuisine. Non-preparation method. An acquaintance told me that there was a young manager who was an expert, and I was interviewed.

What I always keep in mind

I try to make a shop with strong teamwork.

Katsukichi Hibiya International customers

Enjoy the Hibiya branch's “Feast Tonkatsu” and “Special Liquor at Night”! We look forward to your visit.

A Word from
the President

20s cooked at a hotel, 30s experienced a hall in China. I want to walk the path of “cooking” I am aiming for in my 40s! I came to the interview. A man who can be very caring. You may be in the hall at night. It is childhood friend of our employees.

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