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Job title
Sub-manager Chef Server
Joined Katsukichi
April, 2019
Hobbies & special skills
Musical instrument performance (stringed and percussion instruments)

Motive for joining Katsukichi

I joined the company with a friend who works for the Shibuya store.

What I always keep in mind

Treasure teamwork, embrace productive work, and take each one seriously.
I want to go to Shibuya again and see you! And, I try to create a bright atmosphere that can be nominated.

Katsukichi Hibiya International customers

Although we have little experience yet, we will provide product explanations and customer service that you can feel the history of our company.
Please come to Shibuya store!

A Word from
the President

He has joined the company with a referral from an employee. He seemed to have pursued a professional path in music, but he chose this path for his marriage and his father's timing. I go to work seriously and have smooth communication with my friends. In the future, I want you to be a professional on the food course!

A word from
the manager

I feel his humanity, multi-ability, and potential. I want to have a big goal and aim for a person with a big vessel.

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