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Job title
Joined Katsukichi
April, 2004
Hobbies & special skills

Motive for joining Katsukichi

I returned to the workplace where I worked when I was a student. Because the child was still small and the working environment was in place.

What I always keep in mind

Even if I am busy, I can respond with a smile. We also try to provide easy-to-understand information for customers who visit us for the first time.

Katsukichi Hibiya International customers

I try to enjoy a delicious meal at lunchtime. We look forward to your visit!

A Word from
the President

She has been working since college. I also worked on site for several years. From that time, the accuracy of the situation judgment was outstanding. He is still active every day as a pillar of the hall. I'm glad that we have been connected since we got married and have a family.

A word from
the manager

She always organizes the hall work with the right situation judgment. I'm older than me. I am relying on you.

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