1. Katsukichi, Shin-maru Building

Katsukichi, Shin-maru Building

Features Katsukichi, Shin-maru Building

  • (日本語) 無垢材(欅:けやき)をふんだんに使った店内です。
  • (日本語) 新鮮なコーン油でじっくりと揚げる五十余年の伝統
  • (日本語) 季節の食材を使ったコース料理もございます(予約制)
  • (日本語) 17時より販売の「超厚切り生姜焼き」は限定品です
  • (日本語) 冬の牡蠣フライは10月中旬頃より販売します(予定)
  • (日本語) 新丸ビル店のロングセラー「替りかつ丼」です

We have brought the starting point of "specializing-in-tonkatsu restaurant" Katsukichi, to Marunouchi.

In May, 2007, we opened this restaurant in Marunouchi in response to MITSUBISHI ESTATE's invitation.
We work hard every day, preserving the flavors and atmosphere of Katsukichi, the "specializing-in-tonkatsu (pork cutlets) restaurant" with history, as well as Katsukichi's starting point, so that we can touch the hearts of our customers.

In pursuit of a space unique to Katsukichi to the utmost limit

This restaurant was developed in pursuit, to the utmost limit, of "a luxurious and cozy space unique to Katsukichi even though located within a skyscraper in the heart of Tokyo."
We completely abandoned the idea of building an efficient restaurant, and used as much solid wood as possible, within the scope of the building regulations.
Among other things, the most noteworthy is the counter made of a single five-meter-long zelkova plate. In the process of the installation work, the plate was too long to get into the elevator, so as many as fifteen workers from the construction company are said to have carried it into the restaurant.

500 Imari-ware sobachoko [small bowls for dipping sauce for buckwheat noodles]

The instant you step into the restaurant, you will find about 500 sobachoko in front of you.
They are all Imari ware, and some of our customers who like curios say something like "It's amazing you've collected all of these!"
Please take your time and make yourself at home in a space full of warmth that makes you forget you are within a modern skyscraper.


Shin-marunouchi Building 5F 1-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-6505

営業時間Hours Open

【Mon. – Fri.】
11:00 – 15:30 (Last order at 14:30), 17:00 – 22:30 (Last order at 21:30)
【Sun. & national holidays】
11:00 – 22:00 (Last order at 21:00)

※Closed on New Year's Day. Also closed occasionally for building inspections.


TEL.+81-(日本語) 050-3134-5268 (日本語) 【直接通話ご希望のお客様は音声ガイドの「3」番を押して下さい。】


Walk through the Marunouchi North Exit of JR Tokyo Station toward the Shin-marunouchi Building. Our restaurant is located on the fifth floor.
If you give us a call, we will show you to our restaurant.(Phone:03-3211-6655)

1-minute walk from Marunouchi North Exit of JR Tokyo Station
30-second work from Tokyo Station on Tokyo Metro's Marunouchi Line
2-minute walk from Otemachi Station on Toei Mita Line