1. Our Particularities


We pay special attention to the quality of foodstuffs and our cooking methods in pursuit of deliciousness.

Katsukichi'sTonkatsu (pork cutlet)

We carefully select fresh, brand-name pork every morning.


We procure foodstuffs from multiple dealers. Products of the same brand, from the same producing area, vary depending on the season, and so do both the amount produced and the quality of the pork.

It would be easy to decide on a certain producing area and brand, as in “We always use ○○ pork produced in ○○ Prefecture,” especially when considering time, labor and cost needed for procurement and checking.

However, in order to keep on purchasing top-quality pork

to meet our high standards, we cannot afford to take the easy route.

Our chef-connoisseurs single-mindedly check the quality of multiple brands of pork, brought from multiple producing areas, on a daily basis, and use only the most fastidiously selected meat.

We put quality before price and send back all foodstuffs that do not meet Katsukichi's standards.

Consistently confronting providers and demanding the best leads to our customers' satisfaction. With this belief in mind, we buckle down to work each day.

We are particular about foodstuffs.

We believe that 80% of cooked dishes' deliciousness is determined by the selection of the ingredients.


Domestic Brand-name PorkEvery morning, we carefully select only pork with a good balance between flavor and sweetness to meet Katsukuchi's standards. We select pork with a fine texture, which is deep and clear in color, and which feels moist and sticky when touched.


Pork LoinWe select pork loin containing fat that melts well. There are various types of “loin.” The best way to purchase and cook loin varies depending on which part is procured, and our experienced chef-connoisseurs make judgements case by case. Some loin can be made tastier by maturing it for a certain period of time, but Katsukichi selects only naturally flavorful meat that needs no maturing, and serves only fresh meat.


Pork FilletWe select pork fillet which is not too large, and use it after removing its sinews carefully. The flavor of the fillet depends greatly on its “freshness,” and we use our brains when buying meat every day, so we always provide only the freshest fillet.
Generally speaking, the strength of the pork's flavor is in inverse proportion to the tenderness of the meat, but we will continue to go on seeking only high-quality meat, produced by good producers.


Fresh BreadcrumbsA factory, specializing in making breadcrumbs, bakes bread to be used exclusively for breading―bread fermented for a period that varies depending on the season. We mature the bread for two days while letting it dry naturally, and grind only the white part, with all the crust removed, on a daily basis, in accordance with our specs.
Our breadcrumbs are manufactured and delivered while we maintain close communication with the breadcrumb specialists. The fineness of the crumbs, sugar content (the color of deep-fried breading can be altered by sugar content), moisture and other factors need to be analyzed to match the season and the climate.


Cooking oilWe use 100% vegetable oil, a blend of fresh corn oil and fragrant, nutritious sesame oil.
Too much sesame oil with a too-strong fragrance would make the flavor heavy. Oils are blended in the most appropriate ratio, so that the cutlets are light and easy to eat, do not cause heartburn, whet your appetite, and are finished with a moderate, savory smell.


RiceWe select and use domestic, first-class, brand-name rice, polished less than five days ago, and sample by our chefs on a daily basis.
Perilla used for “Rice Cooked with Green Perilla,” one of Katsukichi’s specialties, is sent directly from the producing area.


SauceWe commission a sauce specialist to make our original sauce, using natural ingredients and no additives.


VegetablesWe select and purchase vegetables from the markets with their producers clearly indentified, as well as from our contract farmers every morning.


MisoWe use hatcho miso (red miso made with soybean malt) from Aichi Prefecture and Shinshu miso (light-brown miso) from Nagano Prefecture.
Hatcho miso is purveyed by the Imperial Household Agency, while Shinshu miso is an excellent product that has been given the President's Award at the All Japan Miso Competitive Show.

We are particular about our cooking methods.

We believe that the tastes of the dishes are determined by the chef's humanity. Various things happen every day, but we would like to nurture people with personal resources, who can cook with feelings of gratitude toward foodstuffs, their customers and coworkers.

Our frying methodWe use a traditional cooking method, in which cutlets are deep-fried slowly in vegetable oil “in a way similar to simmering.”

It is a cooking technique which Katsukichi has preserved since its establishment, in which cutlets are finished in a crispy, light and juicy way, with the flavors of the meat contained.

Our skilled chefs deep-fry each cutlet with care, giving full play to their professional skills, so that the breading may look light brown and the meat may look faintly pink, and plenty of juice may be contained in the meat.

We are also particular about deep-frying the breading so that it looks as if flowers were in bloom, and the breadcrumbs may stand up, and you can enjoy the mouthfeel better when you chew it with the tender meat.

We use three types of oils―low-, medium- and high-temperature oils―depending on the ingredients used for each dish and the thickness of the meat.

Our Way of Boiling RiceRice is served in what Katsukichi thinks is the most delicious state, boiled in accordance with the season by adjusting the amount of water and the time during which rice is soaked in water.

In preparing Rice Cooked with Green Perilla, we pay attention to the freshness of perilla and the cooking and preservation methods to bring out the vivid green color and aroma. The perilla is mixed with rice, right before it is served.

We make a point of making our hot dishes as hot as possible and cold dishes as cold as possible when we serve them.

We also set a high value on servubg food beautifully in each dish, so you can enjoy the meal itself better.

The bowls in which cooked foods are dished up are our restaurant's original vessels, both strongly made and pleasant to look at. They are baked at a Mino-ware pottery in Gifu Prefecture.

The wooden vessels in which salad is served are all made by hand. (By the way, the chopstick rests used at all the Katsukichi restaurants are hand-made by their managers.)

Quality control

In addition to daily cleaning and hygiene check, we have a third-party specialist conduct a sanitary inspection, and check the cooking environment regularly.

Concerning services provided at our restaurant, we also conduct a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey regularly, including the flavors and services, and we are intent on improving our services.