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How do you do? Thank you for visiting the website of Bodaiju Company, Ltd.

We have been working for over fifty years in the hope that our customers can enjoy our tonkatsu (pork cutlet) as a special treat.

Our tonkatsu is made by thickly slicing domestic brand-name pork, evaluated and selected by our chef-connoisseurs every morning, and coating it with fastidiously selected breadcrumbs. We then deep-fry it slowly in fresh vegetable oil at a low temperature (similar to simmering) to bring out the flavor of the meat to its maximum level.

Our set meals include Rice Cooked with Green Perilla, Red Miso Soup made with genuine hatcho miso (red miso made with soybean malt), a side salad and three varieties of pickles. All these are served in a way intended to enhance your dining experience.

The tables in our restaurants are made of thick solid boards. Please, enjoy the warm atmosphere surrounded by old wooden pillars and beams, and a variety of curios, like sobachoko (small bowls for dipping sauce for buckwheat noodles).

We will go on vigorously pursuing deliciousness and our customers’ satisfaction, in cooperation with our efficient and friendly staff. We are truly looking forward to your visit.

  • とんかつ
  • かつ吉 店構え

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