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Job title
Manager Chef Server
Joined Katsukichi
September, 2005
Hobbies & special skills

Motive for joining Katsukichi

After quitting a vocational school, I reset myself and reflected on what I really wanted to do. As I was fond of cooking and wanted to impress people with dishes I had prepared, I knocked on the door of Katsukichi, the traditional tonkatsu restaurant which continues to pursue authentic dishes.

What I always keep in mind

I do my best every day to cook delicious dishes, and to provide services that our customers want, so that they can go back home with a smile.

Katsukichi Shin-maru Building customers

To Katsukichi Shin-maru Building’s customers:
I’m mainly in charge of cooking, but I also work as a server on daily rotations. So when you see me, please feel free to ask me about anything that concerns you, especially regarding our dishes and drink menu.
Yusuke Mori
Katsukichi Shin-maru Building

A Word from
the President

Mr. Mori has been working at this Shin-maru Building since 2013, but joined Katsukichi in the fall of 2005 after leaving a tonkatsu chain restaurant. He got married several years ago and is a father of two. His strong points are: never forgetting his initial earnest intention, and his straightforward attitude toward cooking. Bodaiju’s “Melting Pudding” and “Chilled Miso-flavored Pork Cutlet Bowl” are dishes he developed. Since he loves chatting with our customers, please feel free to call out to him.