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Job title
Sub-manager Chef Server
Joined Katsukichi
November, 2015
Hobbies & special skills

Motive for joining Katsukichi

When I was studying various restaurants to get a new job, I found a photo of a restaurant with a reposeful atmosphere, and decided to apply for an interview there.

What I always keep in mind

I make it the most important point to keep smiling. I am also careful not to get emotional and not to show my negative feelings in my face.

Katsukichi Shin-maru Building customers

We are doing our best to provide as delicious dishes as possible. Please come visit our restaurant.

A Word from
the President

Mr. Takehara gained his experience in the food and drink industry and leisure facilities, and joined our company, determined to make it his last job in his life. He has been here for only a few months, but he has been grappling with his job, always thinking about how he can do his entire work most efficiently. This attitude of his seems to have been recognized by his coworkers. I hope he will go on improving as the nucleus of this restaurant by making the most of his smile.

A word from
the manager

Mr. Takehara's attitude in thinking ahead and doing his job briskly is supported by everyone. I would like him to become extremely capable as a chef!

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