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Job title
Joined Katsukichi
June, 2021
Hobbies & special skills

Motive for joining Katsukichi

I applied for Katsukichi's Cooking Recruitment because I wanted to make polite dishes and serve them to customers.

What I always keep in mind

I'm not particularly confident in my cooking, but I remember Katsukichi's recipes for my customers and serve them with care.

Katsukichi Shin-maru Building customers

A warm welcome, a bright smile, and a heart of hospitality. We look forward to your visit!

A Word from
the President

Mr. Cho Cho who is always bright and smiling. You can see that he is very positive and serious about his work. From now on, I would like you to learn a lot of cooking techniques and Japanese and do your best.

A word from
the manager

Mr. Cho Cho who left a foreign country and came to Japan. A gentle personality shines through. His attitude toward work is liked by his colleagues, and little by little he is entrusted with important positions. I want you to have a good life and gain a lot of experience.

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