Our Staff


Job title
Sub-manager Head chef
Joined Katsukichi
April, 2014
Hobbies & special skills
Baseball, muscle training

Motive for joining Katsukichi

I felt fascinated by the staff's belief in serving the customers the best things all the time, and being particular about foodstuffs and cooking. Seeing the staff, working as one to provide omotenashi to the customers, led me to want to work here with them.

What I always keep in mind

I give first priority to our customers, and make a point of offering prompt and finely tuned services. I try my best every day to respond to our customers' expectations, so they can enjoy their meals at Katsukichi.


I work hard, with all of my energy, so you can enjoy your dinner better. Please come visit our restaurant.

A Word from
the President

Mr Motoyoshi was worried about his career until just before he graduated from school. Ultimately, he followed his wishes and came to this company for an interview. There is something tactless about him, but his earnest and steady attitude toward his job seems to stimulate his senior coworkers. I hope he will continue to learn his job little by little, and go on improving day by day.

A word from
the manager

Mr. Motoyoshi, who moves around speedily with his youthful power, has been serving as our activator. I have big hopes for his future.