1. We will extend the sale of fried oysters (until the end of April 2024).


We will extend the sale of fried oysters (until the end of April 2024).


Thank you for your continued patronage of Katsukichi. Today we would like to inform you about the sales period for fried oysters.

This year (2024), we will extend the sale of “Fried Oysters” until the end of April.

This time, after discussions with everyone involved in the market, we decided to extend the sale. Nice to meet you.



The season for oysters has changed, and these days you can enjoy them until early spring. Starting this year, Katsukichi, which we operate, will extend sales until the end of April.

The environment around Japan is changing, and the growth conditions for marine products are changing. We made this decision so that you can enjoy the taste of the season for as long as possible.

*The sales period may change depending on the oyster situation. Please forgive us in case of early termination.



Katsukichi Shibuya store, Shinmaru Building store, Hibiya Kokusai Building store, Nihonbashi Takashimaya store







We use a manufacturing method in which several oysters are wrapped in top-quality raw breadcrumbs and fried at high temperatures in a single fried oyster. This is a traditional manufacturing method that has continued since Katsukichi’s founding. We hope you enjoy the juicy taste. *Katsukichi was founded in 1958.


Sales period: Wednesday, October 11, 2020 – around the end of April 2020
Sales price: Fried oyster set meal (3 pieces) 2,400 yen (4 pieces) 2,900 yen
Fried oysters (1 piece) 600 yen (4 pieces) 2,300 yen (all tax included)



We purchase high quality oysters and fry them juicy to meet your expectations. Seasonal course meals available at each store that require reservations include “Fried Oysters”</ a> is included. Nice to meet you.



The video below is from a visit to Toba Anrajima, an oyster production area. Our YouTube (and It is published on Yoshi Channel).

We visited Takemoto Suisan at Anrajima Fishing Port and were shown the oyster farming process. *We also have permission to shoot videos. Please take a look if you like.


(Part 1) Heading from Anrakujima fishing port to the oyster shelf (19 seconds)


(Part 2) A boat running at high speed in Ise Bay. Arrived at the oyster shelf (1 minute 22 seconds)


(Part 3) Harvesting oysters from the oyster rack using a special machine (1 minute 51 seconds)



We are grateful to all the producers who raise oysters with pride. We hope you enjoy Mokatsukichi’s “Fried Oysters” this winter.


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