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Miho Katuragi

Miho Katuragi
Job title
Joined Katsukichi
January, 2020
Hobbies & special skills
Going for travel, shopping and eating goodies

Motive for joining Katsukichi

I like tonkatsu and have always been interested in the world of food. My previous job was a completely different job, but my curiosity grew and I was interviewed.

What I always keep in mind

"Smile" and "thanks". And it is "study" every day.

Katsukichi Shin-maru Building customers

I look forward to seeing the happy smiles of customers when serving meals. I am always grateful for your help.

A Word from
the President

The words "smile" and "thank you" in her comments. It is clear that he is smiling and patiently taking on his first job. I am very grateful to be working hard with female staff of the same generation. Using their strong English, foreign tourists will be able to do “memorable work”! I expect!

A word from
the manager

She heard that eating and drinking was her first challenge. I was surprised at the positive attitude of learning work. And trust from her friends looking at her attitude is very thick. I want you to grow more in the future.