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Job title
Head chef
Joined Katsukichi
August, 2010
Hobbies & special skills
Cooking, driving, go-kart racing, etc.

Motive for joining Katsukichi

I had worked at a tonkatsu restaurant before, and wanted to learn how to make higher-level tonkatsu, so I joined this company.

What I always keep in mind

I make a point of preparing and serving satisfactory dishes, always trying to view things from our customers' perspective.

Katsukichi in Shibuya customers

I devote myself each day to preparing heartfelt dishes and waiting on our customers, keeping “omotenashi” (Japanese hospitality) in mind. I am looking forward to your visit.

A Word from
the President

Hideo Satou has been working as a cook for more than twenty-five years and faces his job humbly without forgetting his initial earnestness. He is respected by his co-workers for his experience, his effort to treasure each day, and his serious attitude toward cooking. I hope he will continue to play an active role as our head chef and support Katsukichi in Shibuya.

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