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Job title
Joined Katsukichi
May, 2009
Hobbies & special skills
Sports, track and field

Motive for joining Katsukichi

When I came to Katsukichi in Shibuya for dinner once, I was jolted by the delicious dishes and the atmosphere, which made me want to work here. That is why I joined this restaurant.

What I always keep in mind

I always endeavor to see things from our customers' perspective, and to never forget my feelings of gratitude towards them.

Katsukichi in Shibuya customers

We are particular about everything: our dishes, waiting on our customers, and creating a good atmosphere. All the staff maintain a high level of awareness, all the time. When you visit our restaurant, we will work hard to provide a valuable experience.

A Word from
the President

Mr. Ishihara received his training at a hotel in his home prefecture Yamanashi, and joined Katsukichi in Shibuya in 2009. At present he is working as sub-manager at Hibiya International, as he was interested in taking on a new challenge. He is still young, but a father of two. His instincts and cheerfulness have led him to do his best as the life and soul of our restaurant. Though popular among our customers for his cheerful smile, rumor has it he has a sharp tongue. ;-) He was a track and field athlete when he was a student.

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