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Naoyoshi Ashikawa

Naoyoshi Ashikawa
Job title
Sub-manager Head chef
Joined Katsukichi
February, 2001
Hobbies & special skills
Drinking, cooking, reading, playing games, gambling

Motive for joining Katsukichi

Motive for joining Katsukichi: I was one of Katsukichi’s customers. In the winter of my 25th year, I thought that if I mastered Katsukichi’s dishes, I would never be short a job my whole life.

What I always keep in mind

I always carry a bouquet in my mind, along with my feelings of gratitude.

Katsukichi Hibiya International customers

In addition to enjoying our Tonkatsu Combos, please consider using our restaurant for drinking parties.
We have confidence in both quality and quantity, as well as conscientious prices that are tempting even to those who set them.
Our staff loves delicious food and is always making efforts to offer high-quality dishes. We wholeheartedly look forward to your visit

A Word from
the President

After gaining experience in both the real estate business and at his parents' restaurant, Mr. Ashikawa joined Katsukichi in 2002. He was promoted to manager in 2005, and quickly united his coworkers with his cheerful character. He has a strong passion for making and eating delicious food. He is also “crazy” about fishing, and once in a while he goes boat fishing for left-eyed flounder and other fish.

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